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"Dirty Dozen" Problems in IT Projects: Robert Peterson

November 02, 2021 The Human Impact Studio
Davood for Thought
"Dirty Dozen" Problems in IT Projects: Robert Peterson
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On this episode of Davood For Thought, we sit down with Rob Peterson. Rob is an Agency Information Officer at California Department of Food and Agriculture. He joined the state of California as a consultant to assist in resolving “dirty dozen” problems experienced by challenged IT projects. Rob speaks about the process of resolving these issues and how important utilizing today’s technology in the food and agriculture system really is. In addition, Rob shares his input on emerging trends in the IT and Business fields. Stay tuned, as we ask Rob what motivates him throughout his career.


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Background Information and What are the "Dirty Dozen" problems?
How the Dirty Dozen Problems and Business Relate
Helping the CDFA Anyway Necessary
Emerging Trends We Should Be Paying Attention Too Within the IT and Business Fields
Improving Resiliency Within Organizations
What Motivates You? What Is Your Why?
What Inspires Innovation On Your Team?
What Is Something That May Surprise the Listeners About You?