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California State Government: Kathleen Webb

December 07, 2021 The Human Impact Studio
Davood for Thought
California State Government: Kathleen Webb
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On this episode of Davood For Thought, Kathleen Webb joins us to share her input on emerging trends, adapting and adopting, and the importance of “why”. Kathleen is an experienced public sector leader with a demonstrated history of working in the California State Government. She highlights how leadership styles may change throughout your career along with tips to forming a committed and driven team. Listen closely as she dives into what helps recharge her battery, and where to keep up what she's working on currently.


We’re in an era of rapid change, where resilience is vital. The Davood for Thought podcast dives into the most important topics in government and technology, today. Our host, Davood Ghods, sits down with his vast network of colleagues to dish on the tech challenges that affect us all.
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Background Information and How it Helps You Be Effective Today
Emerging Trends We Should Be Paying Attention Too
Importance of Resiliency
What Motivates You? What Is Your Why?
Inspiring Innovation
What do you do to recharge?
Keeping Up With Kathleen